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Olivier Philippon

Web Developer

Birth: 1980-07-11

3 (1F1) Bailie Fyfe's Close
Edinburgh EH1 1SW

Tel. :07450 240450


Open Source projects


1998-2000: DUT S.R.C
Communication Services and Networks

1998: Scientific Baccalaureate



Technical English

School-level Spanish



Astronomy, running, aïkijutsu, drawing


Web development Trainer

HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Flash trainer for
IESA Multimedia

Olivier Philippon

Digging into Web technologies since 1999

Main skills

JavaScript JavaScript

Tools and environments

Docker, Docker Compose, Git, Debian, IntelliJ IDEA, Vagrant, Flash, Photoshop...

Job experience

  • 2016 - Today : Lead PHP APIs developer at People's Postcode Lottery (Edinburgh).
  • 2014 - 2016 : Symfony / JavaScript consultant and developer for KNP Labs clients.
  • 2008 - 2014 : PHP / JavaScript / Ruby / Flash freelance developer, working with companies like Le Monde, Uzik, Mappy, Havas,
  • January to May 2009 : Flash Lead Developer at Tribal Nova, Montréal, QC
  • 2006 to 2007 : Flash / PHP Developper at "Les Chinois"
    (which was the most advanced ActionScript french Web Agency at that time)
  • 2005 : Flash / PHP Developer at WCube
    (acquired by Publicis Modem afterwards)
  • 2000 to 2004 : Web Developer at Lp digital

Some of my works

  • Collector Square : Symfony2 and JavaScript Lead Developer for the new version of the Collector Square website and CMS, heavily based on Elasticsearch and Redis
  • Balinea : Symfony2 and JavaScript Lead Developer for the new version of the Balinea platform - which includes the public website, a middle-office, a back-end, a public and a private API...
  • : PHP, Node.js and Backbone developer at, one of the main French news web site.
  • Ruby on Rails Mail App : Development of a mass mailing Web application for TV France International, based on Ruby on Rails
  • Mappy Mobile website : Technical lead of the JavaScript development of the mobile site of Mappy, based on Backbone. Member of the back-end Symfony2 team
  • Bopler Games, Facebook application : Technical lead of the PHP development of the Facebook app Bopler Games, based on Zend Framework
  • Rodin Museum : Technical lead on the Rodin Museum development, based on Drupal and Zend Framework